Companions on the journey

Our Partners

The Museum

National Museum Jamtli is a central hub for culture in Northern Sweden.

It is a resource for the local history of Jämtland and a venue with changing exhibitions.

Together with Jamtli we are planning events and exhibitions which allow visitors to engage with the layers of Rudbeck’s story that are connected to the lands at their doorstep.

Whitewater equipment

Kajaktiv in Dala-Floda ranks among the premier centres for whitewater kayaking in Sweden.

We are proud to be supported by James and his team with high-end equipment to move safely on raging rivers and swelling oceans.

Visual Arena Gothenburg
Experts for Visual Storytelling

Visual Arena is our partner for workshops and expertise in digital storytelling.

Visual Arena is located on Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it exists to address and solve complex issues through innovation.

Visual Arena brings together a diverse network of experts to tackle these challenges and uses an experimental, creative approach to find meaningful solutions for society, organisations, and individuals.

The aim is to be a neutral platform for driving forward positive change through innovative thinking.

ETOUR / Mid Sweden University
Partner for Storytelling formats on Site

ETOUR is Sweden’s leading center for Tourism Research.

At ETOUR researchers meet to develop and communicate knowledge about sustainable forms of travelling.

Together with ETOUR we pursue the plan of developing storytelling formats which open up conscious ways of being with places and their deeper history.

Theater and Artistic Counselling

Undantaget is one of the leading theater companies in Jämtland Härjedalen. Their repertoire includes works that have been newly written – often for a young audience – as well as classical theatre pieces.

Together with Undantaget we have produced a theatre play for schools which draws on key topics of the project.

Gomorron Östersund
Coworking Space

As an academic project with an unconventional twist, we require new and open habitats where we can meet the people who shape our work. Coworking spaces such as Gomorron are among these habitats.

In the heart of Östersund we find a local community to connect us with collaborators and freelancers to produce new media in the mountains at our doorstep.