Heaven is a Place on Earth Text by Bernhard Schirg Animations by Lutz Lindemann Daddy, what do you see in the clouds? Das Bild links ist das erste Bild des Earthrise von Apollo 8. Das war noch auf Schwarz-weiss. Dann wechselten die Astronauten auf Farbfilm (siehe nächstes Bild). Das Bild rechts ist das erste Bild des Earthrise von Apollo 8 […]

The Nomadic Alternative-2

Text by Bernhard Schirgwith photographs by David Wiggins The Cycle of Seasons Those days in the library, it were the flights of birds that attracted my eyes.  At my desk in the Bodleian was Olof Rudbeck’s Atlantica, that unfathomable work with its hundreds of wondrous illustrations which I was studying those days.  Birds hovered all […]

The Elysian Fields

Table of Contents Heaven is a Place on Earth Text by Bernhard Schirg HIER BAUEN WIR COOLES ZITAT AUS VERGIL EIN Nunc eget rhoncus urna, eu feugiat urna. Cras et lorem ac metus elementum feugiat. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aliquam egestas ante ut erat lacinia volutpat. […]

The Nomadic Alternative

Table of Contents Text by Bernhard Schirgwith photographs by David Wiggins A sound unheard-of lured Olof Rudbeck to the window that morning. in April. On the desk from which he rose lay the printer’s copy for the second volume of his Atlantica. A semicircle of books arched around the manuscript, unfolding illustrations of a tablet […]

The Clear Simple Note

The clear simple Note Encountering SareK Text and photographs: Bernhard SchirgLayout: Lutz Lindemann Final Call The Boarek Plain Night was rising from the ground. Around my ankles, I could feel the dampness from the grass. A thinning blanket of late summer warmth still hovered over the Boarek Plain, as if the earth had breathed out to clear its […]

Sunken Home

i recall the river was an artist who painted dancing webs on keels glittering like the trout on our hooks and who played us songs in April nights as the floes took leave     a scalpel cuts across our childhood lands sharp as in Galileo’s lens dissecting light from darkness  glaring sands drank in the river’s lustre […]

Lars Playground

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Aavasaksa (working title)

Watch Video Here we place banner LOOP by Theo about Aavasksa Enchanted Landscapes Under title @THEO: discuss with Bernhard: DIFFERENT OPENINGS OF THIS STORY ARE POSSIBLE: WE COULD START BY INTRODUCING A SECTION OF THE FRONTISTPIECE WITH THE BOAT AND START FROM THERE: – start laying traces for the whole story: engraving from 1701, central: the sun, […]