Sandra Camarda


Sandra Camarda is an Assistant Professor in Transmedia Storytelling and Public History at
the C²DH – Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, University of Luxembourg.

She spent her formative years between Italy and London, where she studied visual anthropology and museology focusing on the uses of historical photographic collections in public and private archives.

In 2013, she joined the University of Luxembourg where she has been developing and curating several public history projects, exploring new strategies of digital storytelling in both real and virtual environments. Working in close collaboration with designers, multimedia artists, musicians, and computer scientists, she produced online and on-site immersive exhibitions, interactive documentaries, and serious games.

Her current focus lies at the intersection between digital gaming and history/cultural heritage. She is particularly interested in the representation of history in video games, in issues of accuracy and authenticity, in how historical culture develops among gaming communities, but also in how the potential of video games as an immersive and interactive medium can be harnessed for the dissemination of history.