Flyer of a theater play
Poster of the theatre play. By Helene Gedda for Undantaget.

Click to download the official flyer (4.4 MB, in Swedish).

Allt talar till oss ('Everything speaks to us') was born in the borderlands between the arts and academia.

As with most of our initiatives, this theatre piece is the result of personal paths which crossed unexpectedly.

When Bernhard (the leader of Frozen Atlantis) relocated to the mountains of Jämtland during the pandemic winter of 2021, Martin Johansson – director of the theater company Undantaget – was among the first to welcome him to the city of Östersund.

What followed were – apart from friendship – long discussions on the public role that theatre, the Humanities, and storytelling can (and must) play in the Anthropocene.

What are the kinds of stories that matter in times of global crisis? How can we support each other in our mission to bring them to a wider public?

Two years after our first encounter and the first sketches in our notebooks, we could proudly present the result.

On 10 November 2023, Allt talar till oss premiered at C:nen in Östersund. After the premiere weekend, the piece went on tour and was performed at schools and further venues in the Jämtland Härjedalen region.

In Martin's words, the piece is "an attempt at some of the biggest and most difficult questions humanity is facing" (translated from the presentation by Undantaget).

The 50min play addresses students in middle school (‘mellanstadiet’) as well as adults. It has been created in dialogue with school classes in the region and involves participatory elements that integrate the audience into the performance.

A concept for teachers to use the piece in the classroom has been developed.

Please return in spring 2024 for a documentation of the piece and the original script.
Scene photographs by Theo Rosén.
The Cave of Mankind.
The Lost Forest.
Olof, lecturing.
'Jag tänker på vatten'.
Olof, in action.
The Developer.
After-performance shot by Karin Riddar.